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Co-Founder | CEO



Co-Founder | Creative Director



Walker and Aubrey are a creative team working with clients to design real estate with a foundation of sustainability and modern minimalism. They created Black Sheep Design to combine their talents and bring beautiful, sustainable buildings to life. Walker is inspired by the proverbial touch, taste, and feel of a space and designs by what vibe he gets when walking into a room. Aubrey is inspired by simplicity and bringing the interconnectedness of the nature into a space.  

The Black Sheep Design Team has combined experience of 25+ years in building, design, sustainability, supply chain logistics, and exceeding client expectations. Walker earned a Masters in Architecture at University of Oregon and has designed award winning buildings across the country. Aubrey earned an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, CA and has advised global brands on sustainable design, strategy, corporate social responsibility, and responsible sourcing of building products.

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