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Design Consulting

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Argyle Winery in Oregon designed by Black Sheep Design Team

What is design consulting?

The goal of a design consultant is to suggest design ideas that incorporate functionality and aesthetics. Design consultants share the goal of creating a space that integrates form and function.

Residential home design by Black Sheep on Maple Street in Oregon

What does a sustainable design consultant do?

A sustainable design consultant is a professional who works on a temporary basis to provide expert advice for companies and businesses to become more socially and environmentally responsible in their construction plans.

Sustainable interior design in Portland Oregon by Black Sheep Design Team

What are sustainable design services?

A sustainable design consultant has a range of responsibilities that involve creating more sustainable solutions that are better for the environment while not impeding the success of the business or construct. They evaluate the environmental impact of the future construction, determining the expected carbon footprint, energy use, water use, waste production and air quality. From here they will contribute expert advice on how to reduce the use of finite resources and promote the use of locally sourced, environmentally friendly resources and renewable energy sources. Ultimately their goal is to minimize the negative environmental impact and develop strategic sustainability plans that are tailored to the project.

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