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Home Staging & Styling

Home staging and styling for new home in Portland Oregon by Black Sheep Design Team

What is home staging?

Home staging is when a home is prepared to be listed on the real estate marketplace and ready to be sold. The goal of home staging is to make the private residence as appealing as possible to the highest number of buyers, ultimately selling at the highest possible price in a timely manner. Before a professional photographer arrives to take photos of the house, a team of Interior Stylists will attend the property in order to optimise the appearance through a rearrangement of furniture, artwork, mirrors and appropriate lighting.

Bare properties often struggle to sell quickly and research shows that staged homes sell for a lot more (up to 10% in certain locations). It has been documented that vendors are essentially buying into a lifestyle and it’s therefore imperative that they can envisage themselves within the property. As a result of this, often Interior Stylists remove family photographs and replace them with neutral pieces, appealing to the maximum number of buyers though impersonal yet stylish modifications.

Home staging and styling for new home in Portland Oregon by Black Sheep Design Team

It is very often difficult for home-owners to detach themselves from their homely clutter and children’s proud fridge paintings and other emotional pieces in the house. However, these are often the first things which are noticed by the prospective buyers. Additionally, lived-in clutter such as shoes in the hallway, magazines and books on tables and Tupperware out on the kitchen work surfaces can often be enough to reduce the sale price or even reduce the number of offers. This is why it is essential that professionals with fresh eyes and an eye for detail are able to decorate and highlight the property’s most impressive assets.

“The smell of freshly baked bread sells home” is a further extension of this staging, with freshly baked bread bringing to mind images of cosy homes. The addition of plants and freshly cut flowers with a bowl of fruit also makes for great decoration. The smell from these is also one of the easiest ways to evoke pleasant feelings about space. If done correctly, it will be one of the first sensory experiences of the prospective buyer. One neutral, mild scent will provide the home with connectivity and a natural flow.

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