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New Construction Design

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Sustainable residential design by Black Sheep Design Team in Portland, OR

What kind of new construction design do we offer?

Black Sheep design team offer their services throughout the phases of a design project. The design fee is split into three phases: preliminary schematic design, design development and finalising the construction documentation.

Home design using raw materials by Black Sheep Design Team in Portland, OR

What is schematic design?

In the lifecycle of the construction design process, the schematic design is the preliminary construction drawing. This is the step which translates the project program into the physical drawings of space, offering a general overview of the basic features, goals and cost estimates. It helps to allow a practical understanding of the concept, whether it is achievable and what, if any, compromises may have to be considered to fit within the timescales and financial budgets.

This phase includes an analysis of the project site, zoning requirements, the scope of the project, goals for the project and the creation of a working schedule. The architect and client will discuss their vision for the final product, purpose of the project and any other requirements or restraints which may exist. During this phase in the process, the architect produces a number of drawings embodying different directions the project could take. The overarching goal of this step in the process is to produce a number of schematic design drawings for the client. Eventually, based on the desired goals of the project, one will be selected to move forward with.

Aubrey McCormick and Walker Templeton design sustainable homes in Portland Oregon

What is design development?

The design development phase occurs after a schematic design has been chosen and before the construction documents are produced. Once the best fitting schematic design has been selected, the preliminary drawing will be fleshed out and enhanced with the goal of creating the final project design.

At this point in the process, the architect will consult with an engineer to assess the practicality of the chosen design. Whilst the initial schematic design will provide a basic project outline, the specific construction details will be developed and incorporated. This will include all electrical, heating and plumbing requirements. This stage includes the selection of both internal and external materials as well as the appliances and fixtures which will be used for the end product. Often 3-D design software technology is used to render the architectural vision into a realistic post-construction image.

Eco-friendly, sustainable residential design by Black Sheep Design Team

What is construction documentation?

The third and final stage of the process is the construction documentation. This is where the details of the design project are finalised. This is an amalgamation of the information gathered during the schematic and design development phases; the preparation of drawings and specifications establishing all of the overall requirements of the construction of the project. These documents describe the quality, size, materials, configuration and relationship of all components which are to be incorporated into the project.

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