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What is considered remodeling?

Remodeling is the process of changing the fundamental functionality and the design of a space. This process may include the removal of walls to expand rooms or the installation of windows. It may also include the entire reconfiguration of, for example, a bathroom layout, turning a shower into a wet room, the relocation of the sink and so on. Constructing any additional space to a home would also be considered a remodel.

What are the 5 main types of remodeling?

There are five different main types of residential remodeling contractor specialities. Residential remodeling contractors are most experienced in building rather than designing and focus primarily on restructuring and fitting bathrooms and kitchens. These general contractors are often less experienced than Design-Build contractors and therefore work less with homes that need structural changes such as the removal of walls.

Design-build contractors deal with whole house remodeling. These contractors are responsible for architecture, design and construction of major residential remodeling projects. They are often established companies who employ departments of both designers and architects to work under project managers.

Bedroom Interior design in Portland Oregon by Black Sheep Design Team by Walker Templeton and Aubrey McCormick

Home addition contractors are also general contractors are can float between the two aforementioned groups. As the name implies, they are called upon to build additional space onto an existing house. The sizes of these projects can vary from a conservatory extension to an additional multi-room addition built onto the side of the house.

Restoration contractors are mainly employed after serious damage is caused to home, particularly after fire, excessive winds or flooding. They are speciality contractors who work closely with insurance companies. Typically they only restore homes to their previous state before natural disaster, rather than updating the home.

Residential service contractors are trade specific contractors and can be split into two camps; emergency and non-emergency.

The emergency services of contractors deal with problems that cannot wait; a broken toilet for example would require a plumbing contractor; a broken air conditioner would require a heating and air contractor and so on. Examples of non-emergency residential service contractors would include roofers, plasterers, tilers and so on; any contractors who are trade specific and would not remodel the entire space.

Interior design in Portland Oregon by Black Sheep Design Team by Walker Templeton and Aubrey McCormick

Is there a difference between renovation and remodeling?

Whilst remodeling is changing the form of something (adding new components such as a bath, shower and sink to a new bathroom), renovation focuses with restoring old features into good repair. Typically, renovation work is categorised as cosmetic or structural. Structural renovations might include loft conversions, re-wiring, re-plumbing, basement constructions and so on. On the other hand, cosmetic renovations include painting, flooring, minor repairs and decorating as well as fixtures and fitting updates.

What is a major renovation?

According to building regulations, a major renovation is the renovation of a building where more than 25% of the surface area of the building envelope undergoes renovation.

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