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Top Home Decor Trends of 2022

Updated: Jan 19

Top Home Decor Trends of 2022 by Black Sheep Design Team, real estate design, staging, and construction team in Portland Oregon

Perpetual lockdowns over the past 18 months have increased the amount of time we spend in our homes. With all this time staying inside, we have naturally started to invest more in the space around us which, for many of us, have become both our office and our playground. Our attention has turned to our surroundings, sussing out once and for all what works for our lifestyles and what reflects our personalities best in our homes. As a result, we have seen a boom in home decor design trends, some picking up steam and becoming full-blown phenomena, while others are just on the cusp, waiting to catch fire with homeowners. Here’s what you have to look forward to in 2022 and beyond.

Sustainable living room interior design featured by Black Sheep Design Team, architects in Portland Oregon

Sustainable Practices From building materials to furniture, consumers are looking to adopt more innovative products that are designed from the start with sustainability in mind. Next year and beyond, we see widespread adoption of green technology in residential interiors. From smart thermostats to innovative recycled water systems, homeowners will not only be more conscious of their consumption but will also actively look to reduce their energy and water usage. Sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrificing beautiful design. In 2022, we predict a surge of colorful and bold sustainable materials and products that will force us to reimagine what sustainable design is and can be.

Minimalist interior design featured by Black Sheep Design Team real estate design firm in Portland Oregon

Lots of Texture Even the most basic neutral palettes can feel layered and exceptional when lots of different textures are incorporated. In the coming year, mastering that mix is going to be paramount. There will be more soft velvets and boucle fabrics mixed with woven furniture and sisal carpets. These elements help add warmth, creating an inviting space.

Parisian interior design by Black Sheep Design Team sustainable architecture and architects in Portland Oregon

Parisian Inspired Interiors A little loophole to get around the fact that international travel has been kept to an absolute minimum; bring Paris to you. Next year, we’re going to see modern interpretations of Parisian-inspired designs as a popular home trend. The intersection of color and materials will be a focal point here, with pastels and metallics coming together to create an inviting space. By bringing in design pieces made of translucent materials, like coloured glass and iridescent crystal, the materials can create a glowing effect when you place them in an area of the home with plenty of natural light. It’s a nice way to brighten up the space and create a dreamy, warm atmosphere typical of Parisian culture.

Home bar interior design and layout featured by Black Sheep Design Team in Portland Oregon

Home Bars The past year has turned our homes into multi-purpose venues; offices during the daytime, fine dining restaurants in the evening and cinema entertainment centers at night. One change that is expected to take off in a big way over the coming year will see the upgrade of a home bar. Be it wet or dry, everyone wants a gorgeous, tricked-out bar in their homes right now. With social occasions taking place less on the outside world, a home bar is a perfect gathering place for those after work drinks.

Top Home Decor Trends of 2022 featuring backyard design and layout

Indoor-Outdoor Living Just like our homes have been forced to live well beyond their square footage, so too have our outdoor spaces. Whether you boast half a patio or half an acre, making the most of your green space is likely a top priority in the coming year. Homeowners are putting more investment into their exterior spaces than ever before. Homeowners are moving pools, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and extensive seating and dining to the top of their wish lists. In warmer climates, indoor spaces extend out to patios for indoor-outdoor living, often doubling the square footage of a home’s eating and entertaining areas. Installing bi-folding and sliding doors that span the full width of a wall can help you seamlessly connect to the outdoors, while large windows are a better option in climates with four seasons.

Sustainable home office and interior design featured by real estate architecture firm Black Sheep Design Team

Home Office

Having an alternative workspace was always a nice idea but in 2022 it may become even more integral to your productivity than your actual office cubicle; the work-from-home trend isn’t going away anytime soon. The two most important features to pay attention to include your lighting and your background. Light your home office to look your best on a Zoom call which means multidirectional lighting to avoid shadows. Your home office doesn’t necessarily have to reflect your corporate job but there are many overlaps which can help increase work wellness; create spaces that focus on nature and neutral materiality. The use of light neutral tones of aquas and greens combined with bright coloured woods such as light walnut, can create a calming environment which will radiate both natural and artificial light. Lighting in this sense is key to ensure the health of your eyes as well as your mood and mentality without sacrificing style.

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